The Ins And Outs Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Relationships


The Ins And Outs Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Relationships

Cristiano Ronaldo is uninhibited plus spontaneous plus usually frequently do anything unexpected or funny inside purchase to loosen individuals up plus receive them from their rut. Cristiano Ronaldo craves psychological stimulation, excitement, surprises plus anything new. Ronaldo equally likes to feel free plus unfettered. Yet, he is probably to have a certain worry of crowds plus might tend to be agoraphobic. Ronaldo likes to laugh, enjoy plus enjoy himself with his companions. Emotionally open plus easygoing, Cristiano considers merely regarding anybody a friend or possible friend. His advantageous humor plus friendliness create him very favored plus effectively liked. At occasions, Cristiano Ronaldo overdoes the festivities, yet he seldom regrets it.

His love feelings plus desires are conveniently stimulated however he could discover it difficult to maintain his romantic interest inside relationships following the exciting initial stage. Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys a dynamic partner with a sturdy independent streak, plus he refuses to like elements to become too peaceful or predictable inside the love arena. Cristiano would like to see sparks fly when inside awhile, whether or not it signifies instigating a fight.

Cristiano would like to be loved, plus it really is difficult for anybody to resist the warmth plus attention Ronaldo lavishes about those he cares about. Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot of delight plus should be known plus appreciated. How to absolutely hurt his feelings is to disregard him.

Cristiano Ronaldo is very amorous plus it is actually difficult for him to go without romantic relationships for extremely lengthy. Whenever he is attracted to somebody, Cristiano Ronaldo pursues her really ardently plus occasionally comes about too sturdy. Being involved inside creative or creative function will furthermore meet his fairly sturdy want for love plus beauty.

He usually hides his affection, or finds his feelings difficult to express or receive over to the individual he likes. Being openly affectionate plus trusting usually refuses to appear secure to Cristiano. He will feel his love are not appreciated or reciprocated. Cristiano Ronaldo can receive associated inside secret love relationships or fall inside love with a individual that is very unavailable to him. Cristiano Ronaldo has a fairly romantic, idealistic vision of love relationships plus can be disillusioned to find that no real, flesh-and-blood human being ever very lives about his dream image of the most wonderful love. Though Cristiano frequently fantasizes regarding love plus romance – he will avoid becoming intimately concerned with anybody or generating definite commitments. Whenever it comes to love, Ronaldo is evasive plus dishonest with himself plus others.

He is inclined for you to get associated inside very intense, even obsessive relationships. At its darkest, this urge for strength inside the individual arena can compel Cristiano Ronaldo to select neighbors or mates that are quite risky or dishonorable characters with a penchant for manipulating plus inflicting pain about their loved ones. On the different hand, Ronaldo can be tempted to utilize his own sexuality or charm to play the same kind of game, to employ love or companionship because a bargaining chip or to gain energy over others. Even when his intentions are basically superior, Cristiano Ronaldo can discover that his nearest relationships are quite tumultuous matters inside that several very unsavory aspects of his character, including jealousy as well as the want to dominate or to be a victim, keep surfacing. These are attributes which have to be understood plus eventually outgrown.

Ronaldo’s ties to his mom are pretty sturdy plus Cristiano furthermore seeks nurturing plus security from his partner plus alternative family members.

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  1. DuckieM10 Says:

    Come on , I adore & regard Cristiano Ronaldo for his amazing talent, nevertheless whenever Ronaldo (BRAZIL) was Cristiano’s age he was a better player than him.Cristiano is a superior player however he has alot to discover, Maybe 1 day he usually furthermore be a legend,Without a question Ronaldo(Brazil) is a greater player & a legend,Cristiano doesnt receive the regard which Ronaldo from Brazil does,People which are not even fans of Brasil, acknowledge & regard Ronaldo because a World class player. Maybe inside time the planet may Respect Cristiano the technique his fans do. Cristiano nevertheless must win over the planet considering fans are because significant because being a advantageous player.
    So please folks stop comparing them considering I’m certain Cristiano can discover alot from Ronaldo(Brazil). As a fan of both Ronaldo’s i actually hope the media lets them be & stop creating matter of nothing.

  2. Muzahid Says:

    I recognize which you “are born gay” plus all which nevertheless thinking regarding my childhood, occasionally I question how I became to be homosexual. I’m questioning whether I was only like this or when I somehow ‘grew up’ this means. Well, whenever I was five years plus young, I lived inside the Philippines that was where I was born, plus I didn’t have my father about thus much considering he worked abroad. Anyway, with his absence, I looked about my uncles plus elder man cousins there plus constantly liked their firm somehow. I liked hanging out with them plus constantly desired their attention. And whenever my family (including my Dad) plus I moved to Australia whenever I was 5, I was more exposed to men. And I remember when whenever I was no elder than 6 or 7 years aged which I fell asleep inside a party when plus whenever I woke up I asked that carried me plus I was kind of grateful whenever I noticed it was among the elder men. Also, I don’t very have a superior relationship with my Dad, I nevertheless regard him, however, I feel more connected to my elder guy cousins.

    And about 2 years ago whenever my family plus I took a holiday to the Philippines, I reunited with my elder cousins plus I admit I was attracted to them. I liked their firm plus I liked hanging out with them. I don’t recognize when it was considering I was homosexual or when it was considering I required a guy part model/s to look as much as however I liked hanging out with them. There were minor crushes, nevertheless I love them because family over anything.

    So, might my childhood be why I am homosexual?
    I’m 16 BTW when that’s relevant.

  3. Big Banger Says:

    RM is inside risk when which occurs

  4. ttocs Says:

    I could remember back inside 2004 or 2005 Jose mentioned Ronaldo is overrated I usually not forget which! Cos which time Manchester United were going by the change! I admit you wasn’t strong enough to actually compete for the league.

    But I knew Ronaldo would become epic!

    And I see his Jose’s comments regarding him suggesting he didn’t follow training information etc etc plus today suggesting Luis Ronaldo is the REAL Ronaldo only lil sly items.

    I mean Jose – CR7 is the fellow countryman – the number one thing to come from Portugal for a extended time.

    I think them 2 had a somewhat unusual relationship.

    What do we think?

  5. Alun J Says:

    Do we think Cristiano Ronaldo was greater OVERALL inside the 07-08 season?? If thus why…..?

  6. have faith Says:

    IF he is, does this change the opinion of either of them? If he would commence a relationship with Kim following bedding Paris I will be completely surprised!

    I mean reports of Paris plus Reggie Bush being at the same club came up plus Paris’s camp said which Paris would not do which to Kim yet would Kim have the same regard?

    Whenever might Ronaldo discover a good girl and begin a family? It’s thus sad.. I think Kim is taking benefit of him, following she discovered that Wayne Bridge was plus how much Euro Footballers prepared she was like OMG I’m going to receive back at Reggie by dating 1 of them!

  7. Alun J Says:

    I am seeking a website to purchase a 2011-2012 season jersey for Cristiano Ronaldo for either Real Madrid or Portugal. Additionally, I don’t like to overpay plus I require it inside 3 days. Any advantageous sites?

  8. Xedo Says:

    How will i receive married to cristiano ronaldo( soccer player ) inside future?
    i understand it really is possible
    nothing is impossible ok
    however the query is ?
    Is he value marrying?
    i am 18 years aged woman from canada
    origin: east indian
    height 5-4
    eyes: green

  9. Le Pwner Says:

    im inside my 30s reside inside the uk, i had a happy youth over secure childhood, yet my adulthood has been full of adversitys, primarily inside the means of mental problems…..due to it, i missed out on a great deal of existence including forming adult relationships like having a partner.

    i follow sports, however mostly the big tournaments like the euros, i equally are a german bundesliga fan…..i did help the british foot ball team from the 80s, groups like wolverhampton plus queens park rangers.

    yet usually my real tema are sides like real madrid plus portugal sides like Benfica, im spanish from spain thus which is why ive stayed fast to real madrid, i am a extended time fan of theirs.

    inside instances passed, ive usually receive envious of the lives of my favourite footballs stars of those sides, considering their lives appear thus exciting fulfilling plus enjoyable etc…………which makes me feel like my existence has been unfulfilling….empty…drab…unexciting, meaningless

    a few of my favourite sports heros by the years are – luís Figo, cristiano ronaldo, nuno gomes.

    i consider my favourite footballs stars over time follow them by sports….plus it makes me feel sad, clear regarding my own existence? envious of the exciting lives they need of sexy females….cash etc?

    i dont for 1 minute begrudge them i recognize theyve worked difficult for it plus im happy for them…..but i merely feel envious plus want i might of achived synonymous details..

    anybody know or relate? id appreciate sensible answers.

  10. XplicitzZ Says:

    Over the previous limited years, there has been evidence of the relationship between The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, plus lucrative English Football club, Manchester United.

    A friend of mine assists manage him inside England plus it’s been set up from which. He finalized a shirt for me the additional day, he’s invited me to come plus meet him backstage following a show. It’s notice boggling.
    “He is regarded as the folks I admired growing up. The Bad album will be 1 of my desert island discs. I look as much as him because an artist. He’s the 1 individual I certainly sought to interview.
    ‘It was merely surreal! He was my hero because a kid. Michael Jackson was the number one entertainer, the number one dancer, the greatest songwriter, the greatest everything for me. His videos were virtually were like waiting for a film to come out. So it was a big thing.

    - Rio Fernindad (

    Here is a movie amongst the English defender plus the King of Pop :

    Additionally, inside an interview with Wayne Rooney plus Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney states which the club listened to MJ before a game. Link: (go to 2:16)

    Cambio y Afuera!
    BQ) Whats the largest thing Liverpool has ever produced: The Beatles or Liverpool FC?

  11. Nathan B Says:

    Before I post this thread, please no trolls or Madrid band wagoners (Biased Opinion). Feel free to express oneself without criticism.

    Keep in your mind, I regard plus appreciate Cristiano game however, I think it’s far fetched.
    So would we really ‘rate’ Cristiano Ronaldo inside the Top 10 to ever played the game?

    I truthfully think, Cristiano will likely not create this list, considering he plays 2nd right to Messi, he won’t. & when he does than which might just signify Messi is to along with a destination high.

    I hope this won’t ignite Cristiano fan guys to bleed for their vaginas, however,, Cristiano is simply a pure goalscorer, really a flexible objective scorer however, which doesn’t always imply he is much better than Messi. If convenience was the element to a greater objective scorer than Falcao, Cavani, or Ibrahimovic would all be much better than Messi, however it isn’t. Additionally, which ‘he is a winger’ reason is older plus proves nothing for Cristiano considering he is a in-cutting winger plus searching at his position inside “heat maps”, he is the highest player found on the pitch for Real Madrid thus he practically plays a Left Forward position.

    Saying Cristiano is better considering he played inside the EPL is not a reason. Matter of the truth, consider the number one players of all time plus George Best is truly the only 1 to play inside the EPL plus he possibly can not even be inside the ‘Top 10′. I will say, Cristiano is regarded as the greatest ever to play inside the EPL.

    If we consider the number one of all time, majority to most played inside Spain, Italy plus Germany without playing for an English side.

    Since the sport has such a history for good players I question Cristiano procedures found on the amount of Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, Zidane, Crujff, Beckenbauer, Platini, Ronaldinho, Romario, Rivaldo, George Best, Garrincha, Zico, Nedved, Baggio, Maldini, Di Stefano, Seedorf, etc. The just player of the generation whom may contend for those titles is realistically Messi.

    Conclusion, Cristiano is a wonderful players no question, nevertheless I wouldn’t consider him Top 10 when he is 2nd to another guy inside his generation. If anything, I can admit which Cristiano Ronaldo is plus inside my opinion is the many complete ATHLETE the sport has watched however at the finish of the day, all these players reported, play sports, not a track & field event. For Cristiano to be considered the greatest his abilities of the game need to be remembered, not his physique. His playmaking ability to no where near at the amount of Messi, which is why Messi is better. Messi is a greater plus more complete footballer nevertheless Cristiano is a greater athlete.

    I don’t help Real Madrid nor Barcelona nevertheless I stick to the details plus outlines plus my experience of viewing the gorgeous game.

    What are the thoughts?
    @Abzman Baggio, Seedorf, Zico plus Romario are not much better than Cristiano? I’ll bet we commented without understanding whom these players are or at many have minimal info of how superb these players were at their time. Baggio, excelled at each Italian club he played plus performed outstandingly inside World Cups though not winning it. Seedorf, truly the only player whom has 4 European titles inside the Champions League era. Zico, is considered among the right player inside the history of the sport without winning a World Cup. Romario, was a leader plus showed up on significant games plus is additionally a World Cup winning champion. Ronaldo, was a player whom excelled at each team he played plus at each big game he played. He is the best objective scorer inside World Cup history, whats to argue?

    If you really dare to state Cristiano Ronaldo is much better than Ronaldinho, than merely stop viewing the gorgeous game. Ronaldinho is virtually among the largest players to play the sport. Ronaldinho played the many beautifu

  12. Jason Says:

    I feel totally crap going on there occasionally because all persons on my list have beautiful pictures,usually about lots where because i just go to function plus go out several weekends,some joined my list plus i don’t learn what for because they then cut me off plus have closed there profile,how silly,and those on there apart from family i not see plus haven’t spoken to inside years because they are from school,which reminds me which i do understand alot of individuals to state hi to,maybe have a talk with,but have just ever certainly had 1 or 2 wise neighbors at a time,as i not was the 1 persons sought to recognize,whereas 1 of my superior neighbors place herself out to understand plus be recognized,plus usually has plus had lots happening ,invites,friends to be with al the time,and numbers constantly individuals asking for her amount,nevertheless there was plus is a drawback to which because the bigger you may be the harder we fall,and with her which occurred inside the method which she knew numerous individuals nevertheless fell out with lots plus not recognize that she nonetheless chats to or not.
    I learn i am not alone inside thinking like this however it feels like it often.
    Its depressing for me whenever i consider my 2 cousins on fb,they are mid to late teenagers,both got a lot of mates constantly doing stuff,great pictures,plus they have lovely upbringing plus parents,the just thing to result to them was there parents got divorced,i don’t indicate to down size which to nothing,but it was clean plus clean compared to others,they have no severe difficulties or isues inside there family plus awesome familt existence plus relationships with there parents,so look happier plus unrestricted unlike me plus my sister that are plus enable the parents techniques plus difficulties to restrict you plus affect you,although it wouldn’t be capable to not affect we its the method we do points though,as inside this i indicate my mum has funny techniques regarding factors,plus my father has alot of bad sides plus methods along with a drink problem,you learn i have not included a man inside the family or had him round or fely free to receive on with details cause of all of this,but i was mentioning to my mum which because i went down the escaltor inside sports direct i saw a big photo of cristiano ronaldo(eg the footballer) plus shrieked because i love him effectively inside the fancy means,plus my mum goes oh come on you may be 29 today we shouldn’t be acting like this,i mentioned yeah i must have a real bloke of my own plus be capable to do regular stuff,i thought haha she’s really produced me laugh to state i’m 29 but they aren’t capable to take piece plus accept me to have boyfriends! Joker.
    Please sort back any comments or information or possibly criticism you have on all of this,or bad experiences too,by the technique i am 28 woman inside uk.

  13. Seth Says:

    are they going out? I heard she has a thing for him…

  14. nothin_nyce1 Says:

    I know rumours plus speculation which they are involved along with a proposed marriage has been planned for the summer. Have they or their reps really confirmed this or is it merely the media/press? I was thinking, when it wasn’t true wouldn’t they both have only denied it??
    And do we think which the couple might remain together? Or do we think it usually fizzle out? Is this the longest relationship Cristiano has ben inside?
    What is a opinion?
    sorry i sound nosy, nevertheless he’s my idol lol! perfectly i don’t like to be like him considering i’m a female, however i do admire him plus think he’s gorgeous :)

  15. Andre Says:

    Firstly allow me receive this from the technique. Yes. I am a CR9-hater. I won’t deny it. But, I should state which never detest on him for or bear any jealousy towards his ability because a footballer for which is not any reason to detest on certain 1. I detest on him as a result of the content of his character. I feel he is the largest douchebag inside European sports. Additionally, I feel which he loves taking all credit for his team’s superior performance that was constantly the case throughout his last 3 years at Man Utd.

    Alright, today which we’re over which, I am nevertheless confused because to why Carlos Quieroz prepared him the nationwide team captain? I recognize they had a relationship from their time at Man U however, that’s not a superior enough rationale. I merely came from viewing the Spain v Portugal Round of 16 game, plus you can not tell me this man is a leader. He was totally non existent throughout the whole game plus could just be noted for taking 2 lame free kicks from miles out that he possibly thought he might score. If Queiroz is to be fired for the bad performance, the Portuguese FA must note this because among the reason.

    We learn, this isn’t FIFA where all we should do is score a couple of goals to “Captain The Country.” In my notice Ricardo Carvalho would have been a greater way, because is enjoyed inside the Spain game, he was actively included inside the match showing his leadership attributes at the back. He is furthermore respected inside the game. CR9 is not respected inside the game considering he doesn’t show regard to his teammates plus his opponents. Don’t believe me? We may try ask Gonzalo Higuain – he’ll tell we!

    There was constantly this talk of Ronaldo “carrying the team” whenever he was at Man U. So when he may “carry” Man U to a distinguished treble, why couldn’t he carry Portugal? The truth is the fact that Ronaldo is not a game changer like Lionel Messi, despite that Nike, the media plus himself have created everybody believe otherwise. He is an impact player – on great 1, I don’t deny which – which could just shine when there are wise players AROUND him that are equally operating, like at Man U. If you don’t believe me then we simply have to return to the 2 meetings with Barca from last season. Whenever the Barca team, inevitably, overpowered the Madrid team he was no where to be enjoyed. That’s the truth. What makes me detest on him is whenever the media claims it’s all him plus he doesn’t come out to correct them. Other players, like Messi, come out plus do. So what do we consider his appointment because captain plus his WC performances?
    @germana may we please stop menstruating plus reach stepping off. This query was posed to folks that really recognize sports. We are really several bimbo whom has been brainwashed by the buzz machine. So you need to hush, female lol.

  16. nothin_nyce1 Says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the blame for the furore which has encircled his proposed transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

    The Portugal global has absolutely conceded which he had his heart set on a switch to the Spanish leaders at the finish of the 2007/08 season.

    Last summer’s transfer window was dominated by rumours which Ronaldo was looking a switch to Real, however, United held fast over the winger’s future.

    But, Real appear set to finally secure their long-term target following they had an £80million bid accepted by United earlier this month.

    The Fifa World Player of the Year has today voiced his regret for the controversy which marred the lead about the agreement.

    He told the News of the World: “Anything which has not been right with all the move is my mistake plus nothing to do with Real Madrid or Manchester United.

    “I opened my mouth plus which is what caused the difficulties between your 2 clubs whom both acted inside the correct method. Yes, I would have handled points differently plus not been thus public.”

    Whenever asked when a move had been agreed a year ago, he replied: “No, not which I understand of. Any agreements which the clubs had were private.

    “I expressed a desire to join Madrid plus the 2 clubs reached an agreement. This transfer is not any different from any alternative.”

    Ronaldo equally outlined his regard for Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson, that brought the 24-year-old to Old Trafford from Sporting Lisbon inside 2003.

    He said: “I have mentioned various occasions it is the relationship a son has with a dad. He respects me plus I regard him plus whenever 1 of you is chatting, the alternative 1 listens.

    “It is not a one-sided relationship. We both hear every additional out plus which is why you have on thus perfectly.

    “He taught me everything regarding sports plus I have not met a guy whom is really passionate regarding the game following a lot of years.

    “He instilled which passion into me plus he created me a winner. The most crucial thing he taught me is the fact that 2nd spot is not a choice.

    “He moreover taught me many details inside purchase to create me a better individual plus individuals may not know how much time he invests inside players off the pitch. But he truly does plus he cares regarding every 1 of you.

    “In an perfect globe. I would like him to be my lifetime coach plus for me to not leave him however which is impossible plus I simply have to continue my journey plus hold on to what he has taught me.

    “Sir Alex has shown thus much self-confidence inside me plus for which I owe him everything. Whenever I arrived – despite that I didn’t wish it – he insisted I have amount 7 on my shirt.

    “I was especially adamant which I didn’t desire it. Next, he sat me down plus told me regarding the history of the amount 7 plus mentioned … do we know what I am striving to state to we? I think you are worth wearing this shirt.

    “When I think of the greats that have worn which United shirt, I understood how much self-confidence he had inside me. And I hope today which I am another Manchester United amazing that wore the many well-known shirt at the club.”

  17. dubmecrazy3 Says:

    I dont learn whats with her its getting annoying, whenever she was was 16-19 she was a model plus very hot no imperfections etc however, today shes 21 plus thinks she could eat whaever she wants however, shes getting flabby plus she knows it, shes lost the looks yet thinks shes nevertheless certain top model or anything, however shes thus annoying, many females tell me im sexy etc plus handsome nevertheless when i talk to her inside cam or any she might for no reason initial thing state whats with a face blah blah or makes jokes suggesting im ugly, its funny considering she told me whenever i met her neighbors they went crazy regarding me plus she was liek yeah however 1 of them mentioned u want greater teeth.. :/ she even thinks which well-known folks like Cristiano ronaldo Kaka, Brad Pitt Will smith etc arent which superior at all, i dont understand when she thought she was the number one or anything, last week she got a limited pimples plus produced a big drama from it plus i laughed at her plus she produced a big deal of all of the instances i had them, she had been inside a relationships where she was utilized plus cheated on for 5 years directly plus out when he sought perhaps which has anything too do with her perverse notice i dunno however, i feel like going off at her to be thus judging of everyone plus being rapid to locate imperfections, truly the only men she loves are loser searching men with facial hair etc that makes me think shes got daddy issues because she allow herself receive chosen etc, its bad considering shes encircled by desirable persons however, constantly states aspects regarding there looks, besides which shes an awsome females i dont detest her yet her mum additionally askefd whats incorrect with her for thinking everything is disgusting like feet muscles etc she doesnt like them plus she mentioned she doesnt like white persons, plus she is white..

  18. Gundown64 Says:

    I like this man within the Ukraine whom is 18 turning 19 like inside a month. He came to America this year cause he got adopted.Hes a freakin hott soccer player plus he looks like the pro cristiano ronaldo. He loves me too. However i’m inside 9th level.He wants me to go out with him nevertheless i keep telling him i have to consider it that is rude! what must i do?

  19. Rkmc Says:

    How do we overcome a broken heart, feeling like we messed everything up, which it’s all the mistake, plus which we should’ve tried harder.

    Hey there, Yahoo! Answers community. I’m 17 years aged plus my girlfriend plus i have separated following being together for about 1 year (on off). We got inside a great deal of fights plus arguments broke up for a day plus went out the next(at least about 9 occasions spanning which time frame), which kind of childish mumbo jumbo. We have completely different personalities plus enjoy different details, alternative than a limited exceptions like being lazy, food, plus certain games, however, those are general points. We were because we state “opposites attract”. We largely got inside fights considering you didn’t agree to items plus it was difficult to come to a compromise as a result of the personalities, plus i moreover feel terrible for not striving harder. I keep thinking perhaps i could of completed a limited factors i didn’t like plus didn’t wish To do to create her happy, when i would’ve tried harder you will be together plus happy.

    The principal points which i didn’t like regarding her were which she was occasionally rude, loud, materialistic, plus constantly talked regarding different men whether regarding which man found on the street or Cristiano Ronaldo. There were additionally aspects which i liked regarding her like her sense of humor, different character, wasn’t which much “girly”, how gorgeous she was, plus how attracted i was to her(that issues to), how she was fun to be about, cleaned up following her self, plus did stuff she didn’t have to to create me happy. She was rather clingy plus hated being alone, thus when i wasn’t with her i would usually worry when she was happy or worse, hanging out with alternative men to fill which psychological gap (trust issues?). I may list a lot more info however i don’t like to bore we men to death with my difficulties.

    I’m seeking information on how to move on from this, alternative than discover a modern girl, theirs a great deal of fish inside the sea, plus “you’re just 17, you’re to young”. experiencing this pain is terrible whether or not it’s only a silly excellent school relationship. What could i do? I’m at peace with her, plus am happy for her regardless of what. But, I am not at peace with me. I feel like i could’ve tried harder, been more psychological, been there for her more, showed her i care. Then it’s to late plus I can’t forgive me.

    Thanks to anybody that replies whether helpful or not.

  20. stingerms Says:

    So last evening I was googling random factors plus I got somehow to cristiano ronaldo. I don’t feel any “feelings” towards him. In my dream I met him plus you talked thus he introduced me to his brother, John. Next John plus I fell inside love plus began a relationship. In real existence, I don’t have a boyfriend yet I actually wish 1 plus I understand a John nevertheless he is absolutely certainly wierd plus I truly can not like him. Ever considering this really is a man whom sits inside the corner selecting his nose plus eating his boogers. However the john inside my dream was absolutely hot. What do we think the relationship inside my dream meant?

  21. sean Says:

    I haven’t been out much newly, by no choice of my own – nevertheless its provided me too much time to consider all of the items I don’t like regarding me. When I am inside social conditions I no longer create the effort plus find it certainly difficult to have a conversation with somebody. I’m not certain how I would deal inside a relationship considering I think thus small of me. I dont learn when anybody knows what the REAL ME is a lot like considering I am to timid plus quiet to be me about many persons.

    Any tips?

    Thanks ahead of time

  22. Clayton Cottrell Says:

    Like I 1st got into sports about the 2002 globe cup however, i appear to tune inside plus from sports many lately i got back to sports about april this year.

    Anyway officially I’m a Celtic supporter. My complete family supports Celtic plus I have been to A LOT of Celtic games because m daddy is a season ticket holder. I form of lost interest inside sports plus mostly Celtic was following Tony Mowbray’s season at Celtic. I followed Celtic throught which complete season plus was at virtually each house game. However what REALLY pissed me off was whenever Celtic sold my favourite player Scott McDonald. It was okay whenever Robbie Keane changed him however, which was really temporary. Because Neil Lennon (whom i hate anyway) took over there isnt 1 player i would class me a fan of. However i nevertheless like cheer on Celtic nevertheless its more of the vague following when which makes sense.

    I have followed Spanish sports for a limited years. I began following Barcelona whenever Henrik Larsson finalized yet I was additionally a fan of Eto’o, Giuly, Gio, Puyol along with a love-hate relationship with Ronaldinho. However whenever i lost interest inside sports i didnt class me because a barcelona fan anymore. Then I’d class Real Madrid because my 2nd team. Whenever Manuel Peligrini ran real, I really actually liked their more direct approach to sports over barcelona’s continual passing (additionally i detest messi with a vengeance lol). And I watched Real Madrid TV on Sky plus I truly liked Ronaldo, Van der Vaart, Casillas, Higuain etc.

    I have changed opinions on sports dramatically today than whenever i watched sports 10 years ago plus today i appear to follow carrers of footballers plus what groups they play for are whom i like to win. ie my top 5 footballers are Scott McDonald (Middlesborough & Australia), Giuseppe Rossi (Villareal & Italy), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal), Rafael Van der Vaart (Spurs & Holland) plus Fernando Torres (Chelsea & Spain). For instance throughout the Euro 2012,I was planning to help Italy for Rossi nevertheless he was injured thus I supported both Portugal & Spain (for Ronaldo & Torres among additional reasons)

    With the upcoming season coming up I appear more interested inside how those 5 players can do upcoming season plus what clubs they usually join (4/5 are rumoured to move club) than I am to find how Celtic do.

    Normally whenever we help the club it’s for existence however, do we think I’m simply creating my own decisions today? I do nevertheless like Celtic Im simply not crazy regarding them like many fans
    @real. i wouldnt class me because a barcelona fan anymore. I do like barcelona plus liking groups like juventus, inter milan, roma, fiorientina, villareal, benfica, ajax plus psg however im not a “fan” of any of them when which makes senese.

    I feel like Ive changed thus much. For instance whenever I 1st got into sports I HATED Van Nistelrooy considering he just poached plus scored tap-ins nevertheless today I love fox inside the box strikers

  23. Keaton Says:

    when a man whom wears all pricey branded-name clothing, (diesel, d&g etc) plus loves to look himself perfectly hot . like (cristiano ronaldo,)would we (simple) females go out with him. i mean, we think we might discover a stable future inside a relationship?? let’s state he’s a advantageous hearty within the inside:)…and is it hard for them to locate a girlfriend???
    hey, the reason i ask, is the fact that i’m 1 of them plus i feel which whenever i go out females feel intimidated by my look or thus…i guess it can the clothing or handsome look :)

  24. xiM Clutch Says:

    … effectively im frustrated (I think?)but I def. deficiency self self-confidence
    Ok im just a 19 yr older going to be 20 inside a couple of weeks plus I could not be Cristiano Ronaldo with regards to looks however im not a horses arse either.
    E.g -
    Im going house found on the bus plus which morning I got up late thus much which I didnt even have time to wash my hair however, it looked clean plus didnt have any pieces sticking out plus I was inside a rush I had to merely mess with it.
    On the bus house whenever this actually hot girl sits inside front of me plus I felt thus ugly thus I began reading the paper found on the bus, however, because im reading she is checking me out with her eyes. I virtually felt like suggesting “whats incorrect with me” however, I didnt I really smiled back plus she smiled again. This lasted 4 10 mins without either of you chatting. 2 mins b4 the bus stopped this older man cracked a joke plus you both laughed with it plus you talked a little. She got off the bus plus wiggled her bum @ me plus IM IN NO WAY A PLAYER nevertheless I thought why cant I be more confident…
    .. I miss the feeling of being inside love plus having somebody whom we feel thus happy with.
    I did receive certain has from hot females only following my ex of 9 months broke up with me yet I was nonetheless hung up on my ex thus I turned them down becuase at the time it was just a month following my ex. plus my ex. was the initially individual I ever certainly liked plus the 1 whom I thought I was going to be my first time. The girl found on the bus was sexy, talkative, bubbly plus was checking me out (possibly just flirty) however nevertheless considering she was beautiful plus I dont think which much of me looks wise she created me feel hot plus you did receive on, when speaking
    I like to be with sme1 go to the videos with sme1 go on a evening out with sme1 whom thinks im ace.
    Do I sound like im desperate?
    I wish To be with somebody yet I dont only wish it to become the initially ‘hot’ 1 whom I receive on with.
    How could I beef up my self-confidence to only talk to ladies like her found on the bus without being thus self aware?
    How may I show the ‘real’ me without being thus timid??
    Im pretty loving plus caring plus sweet plus have been described by 1 of my mates (a girl) because a women guy considering Im surprisingly attentive to how a girl feels plus WOW im romantic.
    I would love to take some1 on a horse ride into the distance plus then take a hot air ballon ride because the sunlight sets plus because you land you have a meal beneath the stars plus then lay beneath them because music plays inside the background (cos I brought a cd player lol)and you merely hold every additional plus tell every additional hwo are heart feels.
    Maybe Ive listened to countless love songs plus enjoyed various videos like ‘the notebook’ plus ‘a walk to remember’ yet deep down a romantic man with a huge heart plus a lot of love to provide is what I am yet Im too timid to show my true colors thus I just show my honest, trustworthy side to my pals plus fun side whenever you go on a guys evening out, yet deep down I cant show the real me!!! Ive just ever performed it with my ex. plus it was excellent nevertheless you fell apart considering you reside faraway from every additional
    How could I show the real me?

  25. Maggie Says:

    I’ve got a small proposition, challenge in the event you like. I’m going to add a hot team to the database, The team is Yahoo Answers Football Club, Additionally termed as YAFC. The team may begin inside the Blue square North! The players for this club is you! If you wish To be apart of the you need to complete the facts of the post which i’ll create inside due course.

    We will all start as 16-19 years olds with significant potentials. I’ll fill the remaining squad places with randoms yet of synonymous abilities. I’ll create the database accessible to download thus anybody is welcome to begin a game with YAFC (perhaps i require a greater Club name?)

    See where you all end up on every others games, plus see that could create you into European champions!

    The game is based found on the 11.3 update thus Liverpool usually have suarez etc. The just difference is which YAFC is added to the BSN.

    There is a great deal of info to add for every player, thus must add limits to certain points, Like I mentioned i’ll create another post inside a brief whilst with all the info I need

    Just fancied struggling anything else.
    Personal Details
    First Name:
    Second Name:
    Hair Colour:
    Date of Birth:
    City of Birth:
    Second Nation:
    Height (CM):
    Weight (KG):
    Remember, create oneself young, thus you are inside the game for longer.

    Other Details
    Preferred Squad Number:
    First Language:
    Other Languages:
    I’ll create the initially code at maximum proficiency, Secondary languages is rated 1-12, So place a rating next to any additional languages.

    Best Position:
    Secondary Position:
    Up to 3 Other Positions, We might cover:
    2 positions, We is bright green at, I’ll let about 3 alternative positions which we may play inside, ie. Orange dot. We don’t need 5 positions. If you simply wish 1 positon thats fine!

    Favourite Folks (3):
    Disliked Folks (3):
    Favourite Clubs (2):
    Disliked Clubs (2):
    Again in the event you don’t desire multiple only have 1, I don’t like to be adding a extended list of individuals plus clubs, because its not too significant anyway!. The numbers in brakets is the maximum amount

  26. nmlpc Says:

    This can possibly be extended to several distinguished guys, to be honest…

    For fifteen years, Beckham has had females throwing themselves at him (rightly or wrongly, I don’t think he’s which superior hunting, bot ladies fancy him anyway) yet he is married to which rotter of the spouse.

    Plenty of guys would like to be inside his privileged position, plus take benefit of the amount of ladies accessible to him, yet he doesn’t even follow through. It’s an insult to the man gender to find a man like him inside a privileged position with females yet not exploit which.

    Needless to say, this all assumes which he is faithful (he’s cheated when before I think plus he may nevertheless be doing it).

    Anyway, assuming Beckham doesn’t cheat on his spouse, is he a disgrace to guys everywhere? So numerous guys would take full benefit of his position with ladies yet he has not even bothered.

    Fair play to Cristiano Ronaldo – he’s had more ladies than you have had hot dinners plus exploits his popularity with women to the maximum.
    Oh, plus this all links to the idea which monogamy is a social construct, discourses plus the ‘rules’ of society etc. It’s not all-natural for a guy to tie himself to a single female plus not has been.

    Men are genetically crafted to be capable to spread their seed. I is attacked by feminists for suggesting which, yet that’s considering social constructionism has shaped their attitudes to believe which me suggesting this makes me certain kind of chauvinist.
    Izzy – I am prepared to bet I am more educated than we. What’s with all the hostility? This really is not a sexist query, it’s not all-natural for guys to be tied to 1 female.
    The Deuce Age – which is a fair point, plus anything I had considered. However which ties back to the idea of social constructs. WHY is wedding considered thus significant plus right? It’s considering society (plus incredibly religion, that is a sham anyway) has taught you which it’s the ‘correct’ method to reside, particularly inside this time.

    Why could a guy being promiscuous be considered a bad thing?

    As for the kids, because lengthy because he doesn’t leave them plus he treats them effectively plus because he could, how does his matters with females affect his relationship with them?

    You are able to go on plus on regarding them seeing him ‘disrespect’ their mom etc, however, again which is due toe the social idea a guy having numerous couples is disrespectful to his key partner.
    Nusters – don’t receive me incorrect, I detest all these talentless celebrities inside this celebrity-obsessed era. I’m merely creating the point which promiscuity ought not to be considered immoral.
    Biker – I am not like that, because I lack the functions to be this way (at least right now).

    I think we can argue which I see ‘ladies men’ plus am inside awe of their ability to attract numerous females. Hence, I have confused values. We may have a case there, admittedly.
    Nutsters – why is it immoral?

    Serious query. I am not here to berate anybody, I truthfully wish To have a good discussion regarding it for a small while. Why is promiscuity immoral?

    Can we provide me any reason why, additional than it was socially designed because thus?

    It’s not like attraction to kids that we understand is inherently incorrect. There’s nothing certainly abhorrent regarding having sex with various adults, assuming they all consent.
    Nutsters – which is a superior point, BUT STDs are a health phenomenon. They absolutely have nothing to do with the all-natural intimate plus biological desires. It’s unfortunate which those items have come along, yet we can’t utilize anything outside that way because evidence because to why promiscuity is incorrect.

    It’s like suggesting promiscuity is incorrect from a wellness perspective, plus striving to link which with it being incorrect morally. It just becomes connected inside which sense when persons deliberate spread illnesses.

    STDs have nothing to do with whether it’s morally incorrect to have various couples – they’re an exterior element plus largely very a recent thing.

  27. Mc L Says:

    Hello. This really is the very first time I have truly performed anything like this thus i’m going to provide we the entire story plus allow you to choose.

    When I initial met my boyfriend James. I couldn’t count my fortunate stars swiftly enough. He is tall, dark plus good hunting. He’s got a superior job, a good character plus he’s the cutest guy inside the planet. He is a superior man with a type heart so much going for him. Whenever you met, you hit when off almost instantly plus shortly he asked me out. We’ve been going out today for regarding a year. He is 25 plus I am 22.

    Factors were going perfectly except (plus I state embarrassingly except..) inside the bedroom department. I won’t go into the ins plus outs however, basically, he couldn’t work at all. It was a complete flop, virtually.

    This week, I had a week off from function. So did he thus I decided to following spending several time with him, I would see certain neighbors. Whenever I returned, he didn’t see which i’d come inside plus he was sitting at the computer with a big big pin up of Cristiano Ronaldo inside a modelling shot plus he was masturbating. It actually did create like to state “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” however I simply went back to the front door plus slammed it, waited for him to come out to state hi plus mentioned no much more about it.

    Obvously, i’ve decided to end the relationship. I am fairly upset yet i’m not certain whether I must tell him what I saw or really leave him. I feel a bit bad considering he’s constantly been thus good to me plus today I’m exiting him over such a small thing, without an explanation.

  28. Jenna Says:

    I’m 15 (16 inside may) plus I’m taking the female of my dreams out on a date upcoming weekend. I’m a timid character yet she thinks i have a excellent personallity,great hugs,and a sexy accent(welsh). I love this girl plus i would do anything for her she is what I call a ”dream girl”. I have huge feelings for her that she absolutely knows I told her 2 nights ago whenever I was playing sports with neighbors plus she was their with her neighbors viewing you plus I told her how I felt plus I got truly timid however I did it I told her which I love her. We’re absolutely great neighbors however, I like to move from the friend zone plus be inside a relationship however, I have perfect personallity nevertheless I don’t have appealing looks to me. Everyone says I’m a Cristiano Ronaldo look likewise, thus females this will be a query for we is he wise lookin?Lol. I want aid on where I might take her like half romantic plus half friendship, plus try to not create it apparent which I wish To be over neighbors. I want places where I might take her plus create her think afterwards ‘I certainly liked me I like to do it again’. Thanks men lemme understand because shortly because possible. :)x

  29. Paul M Says:

    If you can not see I’m a black woman, I have dated a white guy inside the previous nevertheless you were neighbors before you began dating. I usually do have relationships with just black or Latino men however lately I’ve been really attracted to white guys (preppy searching muscular white males) lol. I’m not a timid kind of individual however, let’s be honest many white men aren’t attracted to black women, I moved past him yesterday plus he smiled at me & I virtually fainted..I actually like to really sit down plus talk to him however I don’t understand when he’ll really leave me hanging…someone please assist

    If anyone knows Cristiano Ronaldo that’s that he looks like..and no it isn’t LUST..I do see me being with this man.

  30. unbleevable39 Says:

    He’s 1 of my favourite sports players plus i was simply thinking what books there are on him? Does he have an autobiography out? Any hyperlinks will be superior. Angie x

  31. everythingisgonnabefine Says:

    k thus i have been with my girlfriend for 5 months plus my ideal friend really moved back inside town. i had them both come over my spot so that they will meet plus receive along because they are both significant to me. i desire them to be neighbors.

    effectively whenever my gf was inside the shower, i went found on the computer to receive on fb nevertheless she had hers open plus was talking with her friend. i read the convo plus im gonna paraphrase plus sort it because best because i could remember because this was last evening…i dont remember all of it or the actual words

    her friend: thus that was which man u were with last evening?
    gf: huh? whom?
    friend: i drove by ur job on my means house plus saw u walkin inside the parkin lot with a man
    gf: oh that’s todd’s right friend. he moved back inside town plus gave me a ride house.
    friend: ooooh. is he single? lol
    gf: haha he’s smokin hott isn’t he?
    friend: i need him lol
    gf: come over on saturday we’re gonna have a bbq plus you are able to meet him

    then the convo drifted off…

    “he’s smokin hott” what the fuck??? i cant receive this from my notice it’s killin me. i need them to be neighbors, however she thinks he’s smokin hott idk what to do.

  32. Courtney Says:

    I’m single plus I have no youngsters of my own. I certainly wish kids yet I dont like to need to be married or have a girlfriend to have my own child. I have had a limited relationships plus they havent worked out, I dont feel the have to succomb to the stress which society puts on guys to be married or have a girl on their arm. It sounds wierd yet I wouldnt be too bothered when I not got married, ever had another girlfriend/partner or ever had intimate sex with another female.

    I do though wish youngsters, its usually been a think of mine to have plus raise a son. My last partner was totally against kids, hated kids plus not desired to provide birth. I dont wish To have to from the entire longwinded procedure of dating plus getting to learn somebody plus acquiring out whether they sought kids plus whether they were going to be a superior parent to my kids. I’d quite really have a kid by me plus raise him by me.

    I recognize the footballer cristiano ronaldo paid a female to have his babies plus then had her relinquish all responsibility, rights plus ownership of the child, anything synonymous to a surrogate mom. I cant afford to do which, I’m not which rich, thus adoption is possibly the greatest bet for me.

    Is single parent adoption, inside specific by guys, authorized inside the u.k?

    p.s. I’m not several wierdo paedo, I’m simply different.

  33. andresumoza Says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo that plays for manchester united plus portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo dos santos Aveiro is his full name. He is portugese.

  34. Disrae Says:

    I heard he proposed to her on valentine’s day, plus i reallyyy detest her !! I will be pissed when it turns out to be true !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Cliffy N Says:

    Kim Khardashian had been inside relationship with both of these pro Athletes. plus today possibly not dating any of them. If she had to be with 1 of them for the rest of her existence that 1 might we (public) think be a best fit? Which on of these men will be a match for Kim, Reggie Bush or Cristiano Ronaldo. Both are age 25. If you don’t understand Neither these Men or Kim, Google them out.

  36. Hayden Says:

    I know rumours plus speculation which they are involved along with a proposed marriage has been planned for the summer. Have they or their reps really confirmed this or is it only the media/press? I was thinking, when it wasn’t true wouldn’t they both have only denied it??
    And do we think which the couple might remain together? Or do we think it usually fizzle out? Is this the longest relationship Cristiano has ben inside?
    What is a opinion?
    sorry i sound nosy, however he’s my idol lol! effectively i don’t like to be like him considering i’m a female, however i do admire him plus think he’s stunning :)

  37. Xedo Says:

    Sorry i learn I have asked this before however I need more answers lol,
    I know rumours plus speculation which they are involved along with a proposed marriage has been planned for the summer. Have they or their reps really confirmed this or is it only the media/press? I was thinking, when it wasn’t true wouldn’t they both have merely denied it??
    And do we think which the couple may remain together? Or do we think it may fizzle out? Is this the longest relationship Cristiano has been inside?
    What is the opinion?
    sorry i sound nosy, yet he’s my idol lol! effectively i don’t like to be like him considering i’m a girl, nevertheless i do admire him plus think he’s stunning :)

  38. rashest_hippo Says:

    What is incorrect with me, im appealing, dress great, tall, advantageous build, funny, naughty plus really smart. I try thus much to impress females at uni, still i receive nothing, rather i see ugly geeky men with chicks. Could it be considering females inside my class are intimidated by me, or they think they aren’t inside my league? I dress like cristiano ronaldo, i look a little like KAKA. Could it moreover be considering they think im a player, plus is bad?

  39. Bryant B Says:

    Lately my boyfriend has been stepping inside on my choice on how I dress plus do my hair. He voices out how he doesn’t like me wearing snug clothing or shirts with deep a V-neck, when my hair gets form of lengthy he reminds me which I have to cut it. I did my hair like Cristiano Ronaldo the soccer player(faux-hawk mullet) everyone from my neighbors to my family to individuals I function with tell me which my hair look awesome plus I personally love my unique hair fashion truly the only.individual whom refuses to like it is actually my boyfriend plus his family….though they are like 1000percent likewise. I tried explaining to him which the clothing I wear plus the technique I do my hair makes me happy plus feel advantageous regarding me. He explained to me which I am selfish considering I’m placing me initially inside the relationship rather of thinking regarding what makes him attracted to me. Should I truly be dressing to impress just my boyfriend? And am I truly being selfish for doing it all for me.

  40. Hannah Says:,19528,11860_6598734,00.html

    “BACK ME OR SACK ME..!!”

    jeez he’s just had his feet below the proverbial carpet 5 minutes

    FQ how lengthy before he ISN’T managing a GOOD club

  41. Goe122 Says:

    I am happily married to a woman, yet am clearly fairly attracted to 1 Cristiano Ronaldo, that wouldn’t be. My spouse is not too happy regarding this, nevertheless I keep asking her, would we quite I had photos of another female. Ronaldo is a fantasy, plus I model me on him. However I not consider alternative females inside a lustful way, plus which is what Jesus taught you to be committing adultery inside his heart. I consider Ronaldo inside a lustful method, yet understand I may not have a relationship with him, plus to my knowledge I am not attracted to any additional guy.

  42. Roar me R Says:

    I’d like In:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo
    2. Robert Lewandowski
    3. Kevin Strootman
    4. Ezeiquel Garray
    5. Leighton Baines

    I’d like Out:

    1. Wayne Rooney
    2. Antonio Valencia
    3. Nani
    4. Ashley Young
    5. Anderson

  43. Malcolm Hudson Says:

    The name’s Karianne; remember it – you’ll be screaming it later.
    Education main at Stout University.
    I’ve got which hot I’m a single girl swag ;]
    I’m an extreme girly girl.
    Guidos are my fresh obsession because of Jersey Shore.
    Dont ever bother me throughout Pretty Little Liars, Jersey Shore or Real World.
    I admit I observe Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place & iCarly faithfully.
    My love knows no gender – though it currently sways more towards females, ATM.
    I might marry Pauly DelVecchio or Cristiano Ronaldo.
    I represent Delta Zeta<3
    I complain . . . a lot; receive selected with it.
    Clothes shouldn't be mandatory inside public, inside my opinion.
    Late evening telephone calls create my day; when you're unique enough to have my amount.
    I'm complicated plus perplexing.
    I own 24 silly bandz & counting :]
    I have minor obsession with Amanda Seyfried.
    Partying, tanning, & buying fulfill my lifetime.
    I trust too conveniently.
    I like to think I could rap – that I will, till somebody asks me to confirm it to them. I could proudly rap Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop Remix' & components of 'Every Girl'. :]
    I don't provide up on persons following they hurt me.
    I'll take blazing hot days over under freezing days.
    My buying tastes are pricey.
    I not go to bed at a general hr.
    Thunderstorms scare me.
    I'm a terrible driver inside snow.
    Talk my ear off & be my bestfriend :]

  44. nothin_nyce1 Says:

    And would Barca become the many distinguished club inside the planet when he finalized with them inside 08? Imagine Lionel Messi plus Cristiano Ronaldo both inside the wings!

    I personally don’t think he is because greedy because individuals create him out to be nevertheless he does like to keep the possession that could go against Barcas playing design.

  45. Ray D Says:

    Why is it which a few of we can’t come to terms with all the truth which Cristiano Ronaldo is the number one player inside the globe?

    Why is it which we keep on delivering up the same unsubstantiated arguments?

    What can it take for we nay sayers plus haters to accept this fact?

    And why all of the extreme detest for somebody you’ve probably not met?

    Please answer these concerns inside a respectful way. I’m not inside this forum to create strife.

    Hate is not my intention..


  46. Cole Says:

    Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Manchester United

  47. BRUTE Says:

    i am composing an significant post for a popular magazine plus i would like to recognize several information regarding this Incredible soccer player. I mean i recognize his birthdate, that he has earlier played with, the incident with England inside the World cup plus all simple info. I’m really a fan of Man Utd. plus admire c. ronaldo, however should you men might offer with alternative information, which will be great,!!!

    (all we recognize regarding him…. many plus ideal worthwhile info gets 10 points)

  48. Muzahid Says:

    okay men i want aid….this man plus me you love eachother…and he lives inside another nation plus today is moving here to reside here plus i have been speaking to him plus he is totaly hot plus likes soccer plus his favorite player is cristiano ronaldo……all i understand regarding cristiano ronaldo is the fact that he is a lot like amount 7 plus he is absolutely hot, plus is a lot like the greatest player for manchester…..but nothing else (yes i observe soccer too sometimes) plus i dont wanna sound dumb when he begins chatting regarding him plus soccer…..

    might anybody provide me info regarding soccer plus cristiano or anything??????

  49. Zack Faria Says:

    Give merits plus demerits.

  50. altair Says:

    Who do we think is much better than the alternative? Why? I’m betting with my brother, he thinks Cristiano is better considering his income is much more than messi, that I think is lame lol

  51. nmlpc Says:

    There are rumors regarding c. ronaldo goin to r. madrid.

    Then there are rumors regarding Barcelona wanting to signal him?

    Which team usually he be with?????

  52. The Inc Says:

    Who is much better than the alternative IN THEIR PRIMES? Kaka or C. Ronaldo?

    Seeing both have 1 Ballon d’Or’s, for me, Kaka’s means better & more significant for the team. Because:
    - At their peaks Kaka’s AC Milan owned Cristiano’s Manchester United MORE (particularly inside Champions League games eliminating them), plus
    - Kaka scored more goals (that were additionally more spectacular) against C.Ronaldo’s Man U than C.Ronaldo scored against Kaka’s Milan.

  53. mike s Says:

    that is the greater player plus why?

    1. talent?
    2. dribbling?
    3. pace?
    4. awareness?
    5. creativity?
    6. heading?
    7. tackling?
    8. passing?
    9. shot accuracy? (goal-scoring)
    10. shot force? (goal-scoring)

  54. Erfan Says:

    he is a soccer player from brazil

  55. Cliffy N Says:


    men we recognize my initial plus my last love is Ronaldinho.. however,

    which man is not which bad,, we learn he is skilled plus he is a good soccer.. beides being REALLY HOTTTTT

    any,, i certainly wanna understand why do we detest him..


  56. Jonny Says:

    My neighbors are telling C.ronaldo is greater,but I think Messi is greater Who do we think is greater? plus Why??

  57. nasty1 Says:

    whho is better
    post images videos
    however, for the case i think ronaldhino is greater whether or not c. ronaldo has quickly feet nevertheless ronaldhino is better
    am im proper?

  58. gail C Says:

    I am sorry for delivering it back, nevertheless numerous folks keep complaining plus whining.
    I simply don’t receive it. I saw Rooney stepping found on the portuguese player genitals. He was going to escape with it plus C Ronaldo only told the referee what occurred.
    Is which incorrect? Isn’t Rooney the vilan here?
    Next he winked at the bench, okay. What’s thus incorrect with which? So winking today is worse than stepping found on the player within the alternative team…
    I guess it has anything to do with messing with all the impolute, ideal English players…

  59. nick s Says:

    Great evining what do we consider Cristiano Ronaldo?
    Is the strongest footballer inside the globe for we?
    And Lionel messi is a bit more strong of Ronaldo?

  60. toysruslover Says:

    I like both players, i like cristiano ronaldo greater yet anyways i would like to recognize what we men think :)

  61. EzioAuditore1459 Says:

    Hey i was really thinking i learn ronaldo is a quite telented soccer player however, does anybody recognize like hes childhood existence, like whenever he began soccer, at what age plus how lengthy he practiced

  62. Ryan Dunn Says:

    i personally like cristiano ronaldo . i merely dont receive why persons think he is a bad man. he is very wise inside soccer. i simply wanna learn when u detest cristiano ronaldo plus why. please dont provide me any rude answers….thank u to everyone that answers my query. i appreciate it

  63. _marky_mark_ Says:

    I’m creating a movie for youtube when you’re wondering.

  64. Vultre9 Says:

    A couple of days ago, president of Real Madrid announced which Cristiano Ronaldo might retire inside Real Madrid, today a news disturbs the so-called truth, Manchester City would like to pay 18 million for CR7, details: ( ).. So, it is actually a modern way for CR7? How do we think?

  65. Hotshot t Says:

    Who is greater plus why? I truly wanna understand. :)

  66. encyclopath Says:

    So I’m having a debate regarding whom is much more athletic between Lebron James plus Cristiano Ronaldo. What I consider to be athletic is an all-around individual whom adapts effectively to additional sports plus excels at them. Strength, bouncing, endurance, sprinting, agility, etc. are all significant traits of what makes somebody an athlete. Cristiano Ronaldo is the number one soccer player now, plus is much more world-wide recognized. Lebron James is arguably the greatest basketball player now, plus is mostly acknowledged inside America.

    So that do we think is a bit more athletic between them? Please try to not be biased!

  67. Andre Says:

    I’ve just ever enjoyed the Brazilian ronaldo meet messi plus I was only thinking why not meet cristiano do they detest every additional?

  68. Dom L Says:

    I am a soccer player, n im very wise
    nevertheless i usually like to have like ronaldo’s body, cause im a soccer player
    plus it looks sick… not too much muscle, however inside shapee u knoww

    does it lift alot of weights at the gym? assist me out to how to be like him

  69. tjpimpin Says:

    Who is the number one player inside the planet now?

  70. Sir fliesalot Says:

    Is it true which this talented soccer player is dating Gemma Atkinson? I learn which initially it was only a rumor which began considering she announced it however later ronaldo denied it plus mentioned they not had even began plus werent at when….. however, are they today???
    For those that dont understand that gemma atkinson is…. she is a soap opera/poser star… (yuck)

  71. nathan Says:

    i think cristiano ronaldo :D

  72. Peter Says:

    We frequently compare various present footballers to greats of the past, however whom do we think Cristiano Ronaldo plays like?

  73. ttocs Says:

    So, because a Cristiano Ronaldo fan I was googling images of him yesterday plus i came over a pic of him with a model from a avogue spread. Does anybody learn what month which certain matter came out? Was it recent was it American vogue or British or whatever? Thanks thus much. plus thanks for a aid!!

    plus please dont post stupid answers..if we dont learn then dont answer.

  74. Mistry Says:

    A great deal of individuals only appear to focus on comparing Ronaldo to Messi plus dwell found on the truth which Messi is the greatest inside the planet. I think this leads to individuals just placing Messi inside the category of among the ideal sports players ever amidst the loves of Diego Maradona plus Pele.

    However should you consider Cristiano Ronaldo’s accomplishments, statistics, performances plus attributes, he must surely be up there because well:

    To date, Ronaldo has scored 326 goals inside club sports plus 43 global goals for Portugal.
    Bare in your mind Ronaldo has mostly played because a appropriate winger or found on the left side of the 3 guy strike force that makes these statistics more impressive. Also he is just 28 plus has a great deal of years left inside him plus his objective scoring stats are absolutely better than Diego Maradonas plus George Bests.

    In my opinion, Lionel Messi is not merely the greatest player inside the planet now however, equally the number one player all time plus Cristiano Ronaldo is not just the second right player now however, the second right player of all time.

    What’s your thoughts? Do we think Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as the greatest players of all time? in the event you don’t then please explain why.

  75. Vultre9 Says:

    Is Cristiano Ronaldo the contemporary Pelé? I think he is considering they’re both complete ATTACKERS plus they both have flair.
    Well inside my opinion CR7 is greater. Pelé has greater dribbling nevertheless Cristiano has more speed, flashy tips, plus energy. Internationally, Pelé completely destroys CR7 plus any different player. Statistically, CR7 is the greatest upcoming to Messi.

  76. Anny Says:

    Does anybody recognize when there is a biography / autobiography regarding Cristiano Ronaldo which i may purchase inside USA? It has to be over 200 pages.

  77. Mistry Says:

    plus i desire non byest answer. i like to learn who’s greater plus why.

  78. therundown2k3 Says:

    Hello, I’m composing from Italy, for we that is better between Cristiano Ronaldo plus Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Who might win the golden ball?
    Excuse me for my bad english!
    Thanks to all!

  79. Disrae Says:

    Both did the same thing

    individuals state which CR7 went to a club outside of england, yet Rooney tried to force a transfer to another EPL club

    Whenever individuals believe inside such theories, then i would state Cristiano ronaldo hurt Man utd over Rooney may ever have, it was due to CR7 Real madrid widened the revenue gap between them & Man utd- denying utd a chance to eclipse Real madrid, moreover cristiano took various fans to real madrid together with him, he furthermore did knock guy utd from ucl albiet with referee’s aid

    I personally hold no bitterness towards either of them & consider both because legends at Man utd, considering i think each player (person) has the appropriate to look following himself & his right interests particularly whenever the general consensus is the fact that he has returned the favor to the club
    @ wayne why must WR10 sacrifice his interests it, they can have forced cr7 rather
    @ wayne why must WR10 sacrifice his interests it, they might have forced cr7 rather

  80. sick_mick_101 Says:

    “Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi” ?

    Who do we think is much better than the different? Why? I’m betting with my brother, he thinks Cristiano is better considering his income is a bit more than messi, that I think is lame lol

  81. Victoria T Says:

    i should learn how much does cristiano ronaldo gets for doing the advertisments like nike plus stuff plus plz place the source with ur answer

  82. Lachlan Says:

    Well? Cant create out whats happening the Bernabeau. Think it has anything to do with Real`s percentage of his imäge earnings? In his time at Real, thats certainly truly the only thing he häs absolutely moaned regarding. I don’t think it’s a income problem, nor do I think it’s a player energy matter. It’s really which at 27, I think Ronaldo has grown up enough to not create a deal regarding anything minor, n¿o

  83. tefa_96 Says:

    BQ: Xavi or Iniesta?

  84. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior Says:

    1.) Where is the treble?
    2.) Where is the Champions League?
    3.) Where is La Liga?
    4.) Where is Copa del rey?
    5.) Where is Real Madrid? (after FC Barcelona with 96 points)

    Grade Cristiano Ronaldo plus Real Madrid for their achievements..

    Answer: I’ll provide them a 20 % considering they again walk out clear handed.

  85. Clayton Cottrell Says:

    A) he is definately the greatest inside the globe nevertheless he can run from gas
    B) he will be considered because among the right together with Eusebio
    C) he is the next Figo plus can end up inside Real Madrid plus completing his profession with 7 goals inside 2 seasons with another team like Figo
    D) There is much more of Cristiano Ronaldo inside Manchester United together with more championships
    E) He is a diver nobody cares
    F) We don’t recognize what exactly is inside shop for him. Maybe an injury
    G) I love Cristiano Ronaldo

  86. Jenna Says:

    I think he is drop dead gorgeous & he is an good soccer, He has the greatest abilities , he might follow inside Brazils Ronaldo’s footsteps & become a legend.

  87. Roflcopter Says:

    Where will I discover a movie of Cristiano Ronaldo´s NEW house inside Manchester, England?? I saw his older 1 inside an AWSOME movie..yet today I like to see a movie synonymous to which 1, however, showing his modern home. Please never critize him. If you state ANYTHING bad regarding him, you’ll not be selected because right answer…so should you don´t like to be selected because right answer, then why even answer!? Thanks.
    And yes, he is VERY HOTTTT!!!!! I love him soooooo much!

  88. heavenly sword Says:

    I don’t know why Cristiano Ronaldo would wish To leave Man Utd, he won the double last season plus was called European footballer of the year, plus how did he receive thus superior, he played for United.
    His currnet contract ends inside what 2012 plus nevertheless he is keen to leave.
    Who here doesn’t think which Manchester United didn’t create Ronaldo.
    I am severe whenever i state this, when Ronaldo joins another club like Real Madrid or Inter then he can go downhill simply like Beckham, Ronaldo is just 23 plus must remain at united till his atleast 25.

    What are the thoughts?

  89. kiltakblog Says:

    Pls provide me interesting info bout him plus pics!!!!!!!!pls!!!
    Wat do u think of him?
    Great pictures Bou!!!!!!! plus many information fanks sooooooo much!!!!! btw i additionally fink he is sooooooooooo HOT!!!!!

  90. balinderk2000 Says:

    Ok have any of we heard about Cristiano Ronaldo? What do we think of him? Are Any of we Portuguese? I learn I am! So tell me what we think of the greatest soccer player inside the planet. I recognize he’s my favorite. Is he yours?

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